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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Every Drive Wonders How They Can Get Cheap Car Insurance

Every Drive Wonders How They Can Get Cheap Car Insurance

Do you want to save money on your car insurance? Who don't?

The article below can show you some tips about that.

Cheapest Car Insurance
Author: Elizabeth Newberry

Every drive wonders how they can get cheap car insurance.
Insurance premiums are constantly on the rise, but there are
many ways people can save money on their insurance. Cheap car
insurance does not mean cheap quality with these money-saving

First, think about installing an anti-theft device on your car,
if it does not have one. Insurance companies offer discounts for
cars that have anti-theft devices. Also, if you are shopping for
a new car, you may receive even more discounts by purchasing a
car with window sketching.

Second, owning multiple vehicles is another way to get a
discount on your insurance. Now, not everyone has or even needs
two cars, but if you had a car you were thinking of getting rid
of, you may want to consider keeping it with a simple policy in
order to keep the lower-cost insurance.

When calculating your mileage to and from work, be very
careful. Of course, you want to be truthful, but do not round
your mileage up. Your mileage is one way the insurance company
decides what class, and price range, to put you in.

Consider buying a yearly policy, rather than a six-month
policy. With a yearly policy, your rate will not change for
twelve months. If you have a claim during this time, you can
keep the lower rate a little longer.

Another trick to finding chap car insurance is to raise your
deductible. Of course, you will need to check with your lending
institution if you have a loan to find out what is acceptable to
them, but the higher your deductible, the cheaper your car
insurance will be. These are just a few simple tricks to finding
cheap car insurance. With a little creativity, you can save a
lot of money on this sometimes expensive necessity.

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Your Car Care Reflets Yourself?

Your Car Care Reflets Yourself?

Mark Robinson has a valuable article about the relationship between you and your car care. Maybe you think: it is not important.

However, after reading this article I have changed my idea. the appearance of the car can reflect who is its owner, do believe that?

I recommend to read this article below. Take care!

Title: Car Care & Personal Flair
Author: Mark Robinson


No matter how old your car is, it's all about how you really
take care of it. Your car is not only a valuable hardware that
takes you to, and from, work, family outings or your gang's
escapades. It does not only help you in times of emergency trips
(not easy to get a cab in the middle of the night.)

While you may value your PC and cell phone as your most
indispensable tools, your car is your unsung hero. It is the
first thing you see and use, the moment you step out of your
house; it is the last thing you see before you end your day and
"park" yourself in the comforts of your home.

You mustn't have realized that, if not properly maintained and
cared for, your car could be the first thing that could ruin
your day if it doesn't start, or if it suddenly stalls midway to
your office or to that life-changing executive meeting.


While you take so much pride in your gadgets, e.g., iPone,
iPod, laptop, etc., as reflective of who and what you are, you
must not neglect that your car is your main show window when
you're out there in the sun. It is sad to note that while some
owners take a lot of effort in getting the right car color,
accessories, model and brand that would "fit their
personalities," they forget to consider that how they maintain
and care for this same car several years later is what would
really reflect on their personalities.

For a city dweller, driving around with days-old mud on your
fenders, when it's not even raining, is like walking around the
office with muddy shoes. For some, this is ok. This is precisely
what we're talking about—different personality characteristics.

Here are some comparisons that may surprise you:

• Your car have some "funny" out-of-place noise, emits a lot of
smoke, frequently stalls – do you exercise or at least engage in
some sweat- inducing sports like tennis, badminton, or
occasional basketball? It would be a good project to conduct a
survey in parking spaces of spas, gyms, and other sports
facilities and see what percentage of cars are out of shape
(regardless of age!)

• When someone enters your car, a "funny" smell welcomes
him/her (you might not know this anymore as you got immune to
it) – are you particular about your hygiene? Do you wear the
same clothes for more than a day? How about showers?

• Days-old dust on your windshield, misaligned bumper, mud on
fenders, bird droppings on hood – do you pay attention to the
clothes you wear? How about your hair? And, in worst cases, are
your teeth yellowish or brownish with nicotine?


Regardless of the age of your car, the following comparisons
would still apply:

• Great stereo set-up – is your cell phone the latest or at
least the "smart" loaded-full of features one?

• Clean, waxed, shiny condition rain or shine – are you fashion
conscious, or at least someone who have a good taste in clothes?

And most importantly:

• Your car performs well and looks well despite its age – are
you the dependable type? The leader? Takes care of things?
Responsible? And, regardless of your physical features and age,
are you the "attractive" type?

Don't neglect your car and project a winning personality.

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