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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Guide To Help You Get A Cheap Car Insurance

By Allan Elvin

As the government in the UK has made it mandatory for car owners to have an insurance for their car, there is a sudden rush of insurance companies wooing car owners. Presently, there are more than 100 insurance companies in the UK offering insurance policies for cars. Despite the growing number of insurance companies, there has been little or no change in the price of their car insurance policies. The high price of car insurance discourages many car owners from buying a car insurance. They either prefer not to buy an insurance or they look for a cheap car insurance.

Some better planning as well as consideration before you finally buy an insurance car insurance helps you avail it at a cheap rate. Some good research of various insurance companies and their policies may help you in deciding on which policies you have to buy. Most of the companies will offer you free quotes and suggestions.

By comparing the price of their insurance policies, you can pick the best deal of a cheap car insurance. Moreover, there are several other factors, which decide the cost of the insurance. The physical condition of your car, the place where you park it, the driver, model and value of your car are some of these factors.

Besides, the types of insurance you are going to buy is another factor, which controls the high cost of your insurance. Usually, a Cheap Car Insurance is of three types – third party only car insurance, third party fire and theft car insurance and comprehensive car insurance. All the three types of insurance have their own advantages and disadvantages. Judging the car insurance policy that is the best among these three is a tough job, as each has it's own features, which meet diverse requirements of car owners. Choosing the best one should depend on the circumstances you have.

Allan Elvin is an MBA in Finance and has a rich experience of writing on topics related to finance. He professes special interest and expertise in Cheap Car Insurance and in guiding you on its various details.

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Car Insurance Online

By Seth Miller

The enormous advantages that the Internet has to offer have prompted car insurance companies to advertise their policies online. Initially, car insurance was available only through a car insurance agent. The process was tedious and time consuming and required immense paperwork and assessments. This factor alone has made a large number of people opt for online car insurance.

Car insurance companies now offer online services that have made it very easy for clients to acquire information they may need. Car insurance quotes and auto insurance claims can be obtained or filed at any time of the day. Online car insurance helps provide interactive and spontaneous customer care, rather than wait on the phone line for long periods of time. Insurance companies are using this medium to sell car insurance directly.

Opening online accounts with car insurance companies is also proving to be beneficial. In case clients misplace an insurance card it is possible to simply acquire a printout of the original copy. Car insurance online accounts with existing insurance providers puts an end to storing piles of insurance paperwork. Online car insurance even allows people to receive updates and file claims whenever needed.

Car insurance online sites have gone a step further by making the online experience easy and user friendly. Car insurance terminology and verbiage may be difficult to understand. Most car insurance online services are aiming at providing simple and understandable information. Online car insurance allows customers to learn about various types of auto insurance coverage, limits and deductibles.

Certain states even allow people to purchase a car insurance policy online. These methods are considered to be safe since most Web sites use secure connections. This prevents outsiders from attaining personal information about a prospective client. However, it is important to realize that car insurance online is at times only a part of the entire process. Car insurance online often complements and eases the car insurance procedure.

Car Insurance provides detailed information on Car Insurance, Car Insurance Quote, Car Insurance Policies, Car Insurance Company and more. Car Insurance is affiliated with Top Auto Insurance Companies.

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The Many Varieties Of Car Insurance

When you are in the market for car insurance you should be
aware that there are many different varieties for you to choose
from. Car insurance is not at all a straightforward market,
meaning you may need to do a bit of research before you buy.
There is a plan or coverage out there for everyone; you may just
need to find the right insurance company and policy for your

Research before you buy so you are aware of what is covered and
what is not and also to ensure that you do have not only the
proper coverage required by law, but the coverage that will
provide you and your specific vehicles and lifestyle need.

Understanding Car Insurance
When you buy insurance you should know that most states have
mandatory minimums, which means that you must purchase at least
a certain amount of coverage. Licensed insurance agents and
companies will not sell you a policy that offers less coverage
than what you are required to purchase according to the law in
your area.

Bodily injury liability is a type of coverage that just about
everyone is required to have. This type of coverage will cover
any bodily injury claims from the people involved in an
accident. It will need to be proven that you caused or at fault
for the accident for your insurance to pay out.

Another type of coverage is property damage liability, and most
people are required to have this as well. This type of
insurance coverage will cover any property damages to third
parties involved in an accident that you caused or are
responsible for. This type of damage includes repairs that may
need to be made to other cars involved.

You may also need to purchase coverage that will make medical
payments to the policy owner as well as other passengers in the
policy owner's car. This type of coverage is often what is most
useful when you have been involved in a car accident as medical
coverage is so expensive.

You may also want to purchase collision insurance, which covers
the loss or damage to your car when you are involved in a car
accident. This type of coverage is nice because it doesn't
matter if the other person is insured. Your car will be repaired
if you are involved in an accident.

You will also want to consider comprehensive coverage, which
will cover the non-collision damages to your car. Many people
don't think about this type of coverage but it comes in really
handy if your car is broken into, if it is damaged in a storm,
or if the windshield is broken. Many people assume that they
will not ever need this coverage, but it is better to have the
coverage and not need it than to need it and not have it. It is
a good rule of thumb to have more coverage than you ever think
you will need. It really is better to be safe than sorry!

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Understanding Auto Insurance

Auto (car) insurance is a type of insurance coverage for damage to and resulting from an auto. Insurance of this type can cover a variety of things depending on the kind of auto insurance that has been purchased.

All auto insurance policies involve a premium, which is the payment a customer makes to have auto insurance. Premiums for auto insurance can be extremely divergent and are determined by a number of factors. Gender is the major determinant for auto insurance premiums. Statistically, men are 80% more likely to be involved in an accident, and therefore have a greater need for insurance. Auto insurance premiums for men are higher than auto insurance premiums for women. Similarly, teenagers are considered high risk and will have to pay higher auto insurance premiums. The auto insurance premium can be reduced if the teenager takes a defensive driving course. Many states require teenagers to take defensive driving courses in order to obtain a driving permit and auto insurance.

It is customary for auto insurance plans to have a deductible that the customer is responsible for before the auto insurance provider offers coverage of expenses. Deductibles can have an effect on the coverage available under an auto insurance plan.

Auto insurance is slightly different than other types of insurance because you can purchase auto insurance that covers specific needs. For this reason there are different kinds of auto insurance. Auto insurance basics are covered by liability auto insurance plans. Liability auto insurance is usually the minimum required by state laws. Liability auto insurance is characterized by a set dollar amount of coverage for damages resulting from accidents or negligence. The coverage amount of liability auto insurance can be applied to property damaged in the accident that is not an auto.

Car insurance also comes as collision auto insurance. Collision auto insurance is meant to cover the cost of repairs to a vehicle involved in an accident, or the cash value of the vehicle if it cannot be repaired.

Comprehensive auto insurance is also available. With comprehensive auto insurance, coverage of fees for repairs is provided for accidents that are not collisions. Comprehensive auto insurance will, for example, cover hail or fire damage.

Whatever type of auto/ car insurance you need, Business Health Insurance can help! We have all of the information on auto insurance in your state.

Paul Stewart is a freelance web application developer, search engine optimization guru and the webmaster of, an online insurance quotes web site. For more information visit

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Domestic Automotive Maintenance: 5 Preventative Maintenance Repairs

Preventative maintenance is important because it keeps your car running smoothly, avoiding the problems that come from a lack of care. Having your car serviced at a good foreign or domestic automotive maintenance shop is important to ensure that it gets the best care possible.

Here are some of the standard foreign and domestic automotive maintenance procedures that you should be sure to have done periodically:

Oil Changes: This is one of the most obvious, yet it is also one of the most frequently overlooked. Changing your oil and oil filter every three thousand miles keeps your engine running smoothly. Not changing your oil and oil filter often enough, on the other hand, can be disastrous: Over time, the additives in your engine oil break down, and the oil becomes thick and sludge-like. When this happens, the oil creates resistance on the engine, causing buildup and premature wear. Old engine oil can also cause the rubber seals in your engine to prematurely dry out and crack, creating leaks that can be quite expensive to fix.

There are a lot of quick-lube places that will change your oil quickly and cheaply, which may make you question the need to take your car to a good foreign or domestic automotive maintenance shop. However, it is definitely worth the extra money to make sure an experienced professional services your car. It is not uncommon for quick-lube shops to employ inexperienced teenagers at minimum wage, and horror stories (driving off without oil in the engine, finding months later that the oil plug won't come out because it was stripped) abound.

Air Filter Replacement: Replacing the air filter is another important precaution that many people forget about. The silly thing is that this is also the easiest thing you'll have to do on your car. Just as easy, if not easier, as filling the washer fluid on some cars. In fact, this one is so easy that you may not even have to get a foreign or domestic automotive maintenance shop to do it for you. Just make sure you get a high quality replacement filter. If you are not sure where it goes, ask. There will be a couple of clips you'll have to undo to open the air filter box, but that's about it.

Your air filter should be replaced once or twice a year. Every six months, you should at least check it. If it looks dirty, replace it. The better airflow your engine gets, the better it will perform, which to you means higher gas mileage and lower maintenance costs over time.

Basic Tune-Up: A tune-up basically involves replacing a bunch of inexpensive, quick-to-wear-out parts, and checking out a bunch of more expensive, slower-to-wear-out parts. This should be done once a year, but again, many people aren't very good at making sure it gets done regularly.

A basic tune-up involves replacing (or cleaning and re-gapping) your spark plugs, replacing your distributor cap and rotor, and checking and/or replacing your spark plug wires. Other parts that might need to be replaced during a tune-up are your PCV (positive crankcase ventilation valve) and your oxygen sensor. All of these can affect the way your car runs, causing your gas mileage to go down and the carbon monoxide in your exhaust to go up.

Radiator Flush and Coolant Replacement: Your cooling system is a vital system. It prevents your engine from overheating, which can ruin an entire engine in mere minutes. Your cooling system therefore ought to be treated with respect, which means flushing your radiator and replacing the coolant every year or so, preferably at the end of summer or fall, before the cold weather hits.

The reason for flushing your radiator and replacing the coolant is that the Ph balance in antifreeze breaks down after a while, destroying many of its protective properties. Not only will it not cool to as low a temperature, but it will also begin to allow rust to form in your cooling system, which may lead to premature leaks in your radiator.

Be sure your replacement coolant is half water and half antifreeze. The 50/50 mixture has the lowest possible freezing temperature, the highest possible boiling point (meaning your coolant won't boil on hot days), and will protect against corrosion inside the system.

Automatic Transmission Fluid and Filter Replacement: Many people don't realize that their automatic transmission contains fluid and a filter that need to be replaced periodically, just like an engine. Unfortunately, neglecting this maintenance repair can result in parts in the transmission going out more quickly than they should, requiring you to overhaul or replace your transmission, which is a costly venture, to say the least.

The fluid and filter in your automatic transmission should typically be replaced about every 25,000 miles, which is less than a year's worth of driving for most cars. The oil in a standard transmission doesn't need to be replaced as frequently. Replacement about once every couple of years, unless you happen to do a lot of hard driving, such as towing.

Keeping up on these five preventative maintenance repairs will ensure that you maximize the life of your car. A good foreign or domestic automotive maintenance shop can help you keep track of the required maintenance, making sure that you don't miss anything important.

Andy West is a freelance wrtier for DAE, offering domestic automotive maintenance services in the Houston area. For information please visit .

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Car Buying At Car Auctions

There are several avenues in which you can buy a car. One of
the places you can purchase a vehicle is through a car auction.
Even with car auctions you have a couple of different places to
choose from depending on where you live. For instance if you
live in a smaller town you probably have one or two places to
choose from for private car auctions. If you live in a larger
city not only will you have the private car auctions but you
will also have the police auctions. We will discuss both types
of auctions in this article as well as some of the things to be
wary of.

First police auctions are usually going to contain older police
cars they are retiring as well as cars they may have seized in
raids and other police activity where they confiscated the
items. This means you could find some really nice cars and a
great discount or not find much. Usually the police auctions are
held when there are a lot of items to put up for sale. You
should also realize that they are not solely car auctions, often
time boats and other types of motored vehicles are going to be
on the list for sale. The police auctions are also going to
offer less in the way of prices in most cases. Since they seized
the items all they are really looking for is more income to put
back into the department spending budget. This means you can
find a car that is within your price range fairly easily. The
downside is they don't always have the type of car you might be
interested in.

For a specific model vehicle you would have more luck trying
the private auctions. Private auctions are when a company has
cars on the lot from an owner that is looking to sell their car
quickly and easily. For most of us this is a last resort for
selling a vehicle to try and get what we believe is a worthy
price. The owner therefore sets the price of the vehicle and if
the bids never reach that number to car will remain unsold. The
owner does have the option of selling for under their price, but
that is a phone call before it could be released. At car
auctions they are going to start the biding a little lower than
the actual price of the vehicle to get the sale started.

Now that you know about the two different auctions let's look
at a few things you should know. First at a car buying auction
you are not going to be able to test drive the car. You can ask
to look at the engine, to hear the engine run, but you can't
actually go off the lot with the car. This means you are looking
over the car, but not fully testing it and you could wind up
with something that has a lot of mechanical issues if you are
not careful. Most often the car auction will have a mechanic on
hand to test drive the vehicle as well as look it over before
the auction starts.

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Friday, January 25, 2008

How To Find Used Cars At The Bargain Prices

No matter what you're planning to buy the key to shopping for
the best deal is to do your research first, especially for cars.
With the amount of cash you're going to shell out you have to be
sure you get what you want without regrets. Buying new cars can
be a little easier, but both new and used vehicles have their

The first thing that you should do is get an idea of what kind
of vehicle you want and be realistic. I know you want the Hummer
but is it within your means? Is there only you to please or do
you have a family that this car purchase will impact? You will
definitely be happier with a little less car and money left to
do things with; bottoming out the wallet is not worth the big
ticket vehicle. You can get a decent car that's affordable and

Once you get through that reality try to narrow it down to a
couple of different models to make your research easier and more
focused. Once you have done this you can start by keeping an eye
on your local classifieds and see what kind of prices the models
you picked are going for.

Quite often you can find great deals in your local classifieds
and depending on the seller's situation you may be able to get a
quality vehicle at a price well below retail. More often than
not people get a big surprise when they try to trade their car
and want to get more than the dealer will give them. These
people will usually try to sell privately to get a price a
little closer to what they had in mind, which in many cases is
still a bargain.

There are also some great sites that help you understand the
real book value of a used car. I really like not
only do they have used car values, but they really do a great
job reviewing cars. You can also do some checking online at
other great sites like Kelley Blue Book at and

One of my favorite methods is to use eBay. With eBay not only
can you open a free account but then you can go to eBay Motors
and pick out vehicles of your choice that are being auctioned
and put them in a watch list. I have done this many times not
only to buy a vehicle, but also to get a good idea what I should
get if I sell mine. Online Auctions like this can be a great way
to find good deals. You get to check out the vehicles, which
usually have pictures and shop right from the comfort of your
own home. Try to find auctions with no reserve, these types of
auctions don't have a minimum price before they will sell and
you may well be able to buy a vehicle at a great discount.

I know several people that once they realized how easy and
cheap it is to buy cars on eBay, they made a very profitable
career out of buying and selling cars. Public Car Auctions are
held in many areas and you don't have to be a dealer to attend.
Many times these auctions have cars that have been repossessed
from local banks, credit unions and Government seized car
auctions and they have no desire to keep them.

It's not uncommon to find very expensive cars in great shape
that go for ridiculous prices if you spend a little time
shopping. You'll find that some people will go nuts on new cars
and expensive houses but once their fortunes change and they
can't keep up the payments, they're property is seized and
auctioned off. Many of these auctions have no reserve and can
start at 95% off retail prices. Two really good online
Government auction sites are and

Another key recommendation I have is to make use of a great
system known as The information they offer is
crucial in that they have information on all major repairs done
on vehicles through information compiled from insurance claims
and repair facilities. Once you see a car you like you can run
it through and find out if you're getting a lemon or
a gem.

You can also check with local rental car companies that may be
reducing last year's fleet. Be careful with this as there seems
to be a 50% chance to get that car that others have been kicking
around without care. No having said that, the other half of the
time you can get a good deal on a fairly new car with low

Some might suggest going to check out some dealer auctions, but
it has been my experience that in many cases the vehicles end up
going higher than they should. Dealers will pay the higher price
because they know they can mark it up and hard sell someone to
buy it.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

When You're Living Here, Don’t Buy A Car

There are many factors that you need to consider before you
actually decide to buy a car. First, you have to understand your
needs. Your vehicle should, first and foremost, be able to serve
you to the utmost. Second, you have to think about your future
car-related expenses. These include the prices of gasoline and
maintenance costs. Without these, your car won't be operational,
and you will not be able to use it for such a long time. Most of
all, with the car theft cases going up in alarming rate, you may
be probably having second thoughts if you're still willing to
take the risks.

To help you out with your decision whether you should buy a car
or not, take note of places where different car-related issues
and problems are rampant.

1. Stay away from cities and states with extremely high
gasoline prices.

No matter how good you are in driving or how safe your
neighborhood will be, you're still going to be having headaches
if you are currently living in or traveling to states that have
extremely high gasoline prices. They can absolutely drain your
pockets and break your bank accounts. They will increase your
expenses every month. Indeed, you're at the mercy of the
different gasoline stations. If you want to make your budget
become more manageable, it may pay to reconsider purchasing car
if you're residing in Hawaii, Alaska, and California. These
states have the most expensive prices for gasoline, even 9 times
higher or more than those of other states. It will make matters
worse if your car doesn't really have an efficient fuel economy.
You can be spending hundreds even for a day, especially if
you're depending on your car to get you from one point to

2. Avoid states with the costliest auto insurance.

By now, you have a good idea that your car needs to be insured
if you want to guarantee that you're still going to get
something just in case that you meet an accident or you get
yourself injured because of collision. But do you know that you
can actually help yourself lower down your premium simply by
avoiding places with the costliest packages? The District of
Columbia, New Jersey, and New York are four examples of
locations with the highest prices for auto insurance. There's a
good explanation for that. Sad to say, in these cities, you can
find the worst drivers who are never afraid to compete with you
in freeways or even give you the right of way when you badly
need one. It means that there is a very big possibility that you
will get yourself in an accident, which spells more spending for
these insurance companies.

In the end, the decision of purchasing a car still rests upon
you. Definitely, if you badly need one, you wouldn't mind paying
extra costs or dealing with nasty drivers. However, if push
comes to shove, the best thing that you can do is to move.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

For Honda Car Finance Then Go With A Specialist Provider

If your choice of car is a Honda and you are looking for Honda
car finance then the best way to find information regarding the
wide range of financing options is to go online with a
specialist car loans website. The range of financing includes
choices such as personal contract purchase, hire purchase or
credit purchase and you can find the best deals online quickly
and easily.

Personal contract purchase is a very popular option when it
comes to Honda car finance, this option is an ideal way of
financing your car if you are not likely to be sticking with the
same car for a long time. The repayments are generally low and
you pay a lump sum at the beginning, monthly repayments for a
defined period of time and then a final lump sum at the end of
the agreement. However you do have options at the end of the
agreement, you can either pay the final sum and the car is
yours, return the car or part exchange the car and get another.

Hire purchase is a very traditional method when it comes to
looking for Honda car finance and this simply means borrowing
the money for the car and repaying it back over a period of
time. The amount that you will borrow will depend on the deposit
you can afford to put down and of course the more deposit the
lower the monthly repayments will be and the less interest you
will accumulate on the loan. Once the loan is completed then the
car belongs to you, hire purchase is a type of secured loan and
the car will be the security if you should default on the loan

Another option very similar to personal contract purchase is
the credit purchase, sometimes called the lease purchase. The
difference between the two is that the credit purchase has no
option to return the car at the end of the agreement which means
you have to find the lump sum to pay off the loan. You can
spread the cost of the loan over a longer period of time to keep
the monthly repayments low along with putting down a large
deposit against the car. This type of Honda car finance usually
comes with a very low rate of interest which can make owning a
car affordable.

Whichever type of car finance you choose for your circumstances
you can get the lowest quotes and best rates of interest by
going with a specialist website and allowing them to search on
your behalf. A website such as this will search with companies
who specialise in offering Honda car finance and will give you
the quotes for the particular type of finance you have chosen.
All types of finance will have terms and conditions and these
should be delivered to you along with the quotes so you can read
them and determine if there are any hidden costs, the key facts
will also point out in black and white how much the loan will
cost and show the amount of interest that will be added. It is
essential that you compare the key facts along with the rates of
interest if you want the best deal possible with no hidden

About The Author: Louis Rix is a Director of NetCars
(, one of the UK's leading
motoring websites. First established in January 2000, its
mission is to become the UK's no.1 site for used car searches
and motoring information. NetCars also provide car finance,
loans and insurance.

Monday, January 21, 2008

How To Find The Right Car For You

There is no argument that housing prices have continued to rise
over the last couple of years making it the largest single
purchase most people will make in their lifetime. However with
the prices of the average new car now nearing $30,000 they are
definitely the second largest purchase many of us will make by
far. By keeping this in mind you can help ensure that this
important decision should be made carefully and not in a hurried
or rushed, knee jerk decision that many car dealerships seem to
bully most of their customers into.

To make sure that you don't make a mistake and that you buy the
best possible vehicle for you and that it will accomplish all
that you need it to you should do a little research and some
soul searching as well.

To start, consider your present situation of whether you are
single or have a family. If you have a family and this will be
the primary mode of transportation to shuttle everyone out and
around then you may want to consider a minivan. For those soccer
moms and hockey dads out there the new dual sliding door or even
the single sliding door minivans offer serious convenience,
plenty of room and decent fuel economy considering the load you
can handle with it.

If you, like many others can't quite see yourself in a minivan
you may want to consider a sport utility which are really
growing in popularity. The great thing about these vehicles is
that they are available in all makes and in several price ranges
to cater to everybody's budget. You can choose between a
smaller, cheaper sport utility like the Ford Explorer, or get
into a larger vehicle like the Chevy Suburban or maybe a Ford
Expedition. Either way you get some of the convenience features
of the minivan with that rugged jeep type of look.

If you are an outdoors mountain junky that enjoys going camping
and hanging out with friends in the woods or going on weekend
surf trips you may want to consider the sporty new Nissan
Pathfinder or another 4x4 vehicle that can get you to where you
need to go without the worry of how you're getting back out. The
Pathfinder is designed with the outdoor lover in mind with built
in roof racks and storage standard. However with any vehicle
that you may be considering don't be talked into 4-wheel drive
unless you really need it and intend to use it regularly. There
are some big things to consider with a 4-wheel drive like,
4-wheel drive transmissions add thousands to the price, is much
heavier, and will also cost you more money for insurance and
gasoline due to decreased gas mileage.

Deciding on a color may seem easy right now but if you change
your cars every couple of years then you have to keep resale
value in mind. Although many will say color is a matter of
personal preference there are a few guidelines you should follow
for particular types of vehicles if you are concerned about
resale value. Regardless what type of vehicle you purchase stay
away from "out of the norm" colors like purple or yellow unless
you plan to keep the vehicle forever. Another color that has
been proven to be "cold" for resale in light blue or "ice blue"
as it is known in the industry. If you plan to trade every 2-4
years you are far better off choosing a normal color like white,
silver, beige, etc. If you are planning to buy a sports car you
will definitely want to stay with white, red, or black.

For your interior choices you may have the choice of leather,
vinyl or cloth. Although leather is really nice and smells great
to most, you must be the type of person who will take the time
necessary to maintain leather, also keep in mind that leather
can be unbearably hot in the summer and unless the seats are
heated, they are very cold in the winter. If you do plan on
getting into a sports utility or something similar then check
out the vinyl, it's cheaper than leather but is really durable
and you don't fell you're going to rip the seat every time you
get in the car or truck.

You will also want to take insurance cost into consideration
when choosing a car, especially if buying for a teenager.
Overall, sports cars and 4-wheel drives are more expensive to
insure, not too mention a lot more to fix if you run into any
repair issues.

Another good move before you head to the car dealership is to
consult a local mechanic and ask them what cars they have the
most problems with. They can tell you which cars they see with
the most problems and what the common problems are. Not only
will you get an idea of what cars are good but more importantly,
which cars to steer clear of! (Excuse the pun)

So as you can see, walking into a dealer and buying the first
thing they push on you can be a bad move unless you have money
to burn. Take the time to think it over and come up with some
guidelines of your own that cover your present situation so that
your new car purchase will be a pleasant one and not the car
buying nightmare you hear about more often than not.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

All About Car Audio Amplifiers

When you are on the look out for car audio amplifiers, first you got to know how it functions and what is it used for. The purpose of a car audio amplifier is to convert a low level signal from the source unit to a high level signal for driving the loudspeakers. Amplifiers can range in power from 20 watts to over a thousand watts per channel. And their prices too differ from one amplifier to another depending on their features, quality and power. The most popular type of amplifier is the one with 2 to 4 channels model.

If needed, you can even add extra built-in features to car audio amplifiers whenever required. Some of these extra built-in features may include, crossovers, speaker level units, equalizers, and signal processing. While purchasing an amplifier for your car stereo system, there is one thing you need to take into consideration when it comes to dealing with amplifier power ratings. You should see that all power ratings are not created equal. The true measurement for an amplifier power is the RMS rating or the continuous power ratings.

Quality of the car audio amplifier is very important to take into account when buying the amplifier. But the question is how do you know if it is a high quality amplifier? The good indicator of a quality amplifier will be determined by the weight and the size of the amplifier. The heavier the amplifier the better the quality it will produce. But size is not all that matters

Another indication that you can consider is the quality of the car audio amplifier by the size of the fuse used. There are different classes of amplifier, and a quick and easy way to check the true power output is to take the fuse value of the amplifier or the sum of the multiple fuses and multiply it by 6, if it is an A or B class amps, or 10 for class D amps where the efficiency is higher. Though this will not give you an accurate result, but it will be able to indicate if your car audio amplifier is close to the specifications.

If you have a tight budget or lack of space, the most economical thing to do is to opt for a multi-channel amplifier with the required built-in processor and features that you need. This will save you a lot of money and space, which will in turn allow you to add any extra feature to your car audio amplifier. Though there will be difference in quality compared to the outboard processors but this will not be noticeable. Sometime adding too many components can lessen the chance of noise entering into the system.

To sum out in brief, the key features you need to look into before purchasing a car audio amplifier includes, bridgeable, channels, connectors, class, crossovers, distortion, filters, power output, efficiency, speaker level input, stability, separate gain controls, tube amplifier, tri-mode out put, power supply, pre-amp inputs and outputs. But make sure that you always opt for genuine brands through genuine dealers.

Victor Epand is an expert consultant for used DVDs, used movies, and used car stereos. You can find the best marketplace for used DVDs, used movies, and used car stereos at these 3 sites: , , and .

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Peugeout 307 CC

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ford F-150

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Exotic Sports Car Insurance

Although all sports cars are exotic, many consider cars such as Jaguars and Ferraris to be truly exotic. They are considerably expensive and the insurance too can be very high compared to other cars.

Exotic sports cars will have to be insured to a higher amount because of their higher value in the market and different usage options. A few factors such as make of the car and certain elemental natural forces that might prove to be a risk to the car are considered before an insurance agent provides a quote.

An exotic sports car naturally has a higher cost of insurance policy compared to a standard vehicle. Sports cars are usually for pleasure driving and are normally driven faster and are more prone to more dangerous and harmful accidents than others. Also, they are highly priced in the market than the other utility vehicles.

Some companies take insurance for a sports car as a specialized field in insurance. Such companies tend to deal with the insurance of sports cars and exotic cars and are liable to provide lesser insurance policies than the other insurance agents who deal with insurance policies for all vehicles. The companies that deal uniquely with exotic sports car insurance have brokers specialized in this field. They would are able to guide the customer in all the areas pertaining to the cars that needs to be considered for insurance.

These specialized companies take into account the age of the driver, the driver’s driving records, and accident history before offering a quotation. Some insurance agents also consider the annual mileage coverage during the negotiations.

Sports Car Insurance provides detailed information about sports car insurance, exotic sports car insurance and more. Sports Car Insurance is affiliated with California Business Auto Insurance.

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Selling Your Car Online The Easy Way

Selling your car online is one of the easiest ways of selling
because a specialist website will attract hundreds of potential
buyers all looking to buy a used car. A percentage of these will
be looking for the exact same make and model that you are
selling which means everyone wins.

Of course while there are hundreds of buyers out there, there
can also be many cars of the same make and model that you want
to sell. This means that you will have to do everything you can
to make yours standout above the rest and get people looking at
it with a view to coming and taking a test drive.

The first thing you should do when it comes to selling your car
online is prepare the car for viewing and for the photos which
you will take to put up alongside your listing. All websites
that offer advertisements for cars will allow you to put up at
least one photograph of your pride and joy and some encourage
you to include shots of the front, back, side and interior.
However before you take the pictures you need to give the car a
wash and polish. You also need to clean the interior of the car
and where possible remove any personal effects such as stuffed
animals on the back window or cushions on the back seat. While
you might think they add style to the car others could be put
off and this could affect the sale.

Make sure you go over the car washing and waxing and also
repair any minor chips in the paintwork, do not forget the wheel
arches and trims and when you have it looking spotless then
stand back and ask yourself if you would buy the car yourself.
If the answer is yes, then take the photos and your thoughts can
then turn to the actual wording of the listing that is going to
accompany the pictures and hopefully sell your car for you. The
wording is the most important aspect when it comes to selling
your car online.

You will of course want to make sure that you have the
essential facts about the car listed first; these would include
the exact make, model and type of car including engine size and
colour. Of course the price is essential and to get a good idea
of what similar cars are being advertised for you can take
advantage of the search engine that all specialist websites will
offer. Simply type in the model of car and year and you will be
presented with a list of cars similar to yours and can see what
price they range between. Of course take into account any extras
you have fitted to your car.

Once you have mentioned the essentials then you can go on to
describe any additional features that will make your car stand
out above similar cars. These can include such as any extra
security features you added, sunroof or stereo equipment. While
you do want to show your car in good light it is also essential
when selling your car online that you are totally honest about
any faults your car might have. Remember any serious buyers will
come to look at your car and will want to take it for a test
drive so faults will be found out.

About The Author: Louis Rix is a Director of NetCars
(, one of the UK's leading motoring
websites. First established in January 2000, its mission is to
become the UK's number one site for used car searches and
motoring information. NetCars also provide car finance, loans
and insurance.

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Online Car Loans: The Fastest Way To Be In Your Favourite Car

Online car loans are gaining a huge appreciation in Canada. This is due partially to applying for the car loan is one of the easiest things to do. Besides, the approval is sent to your e-mail in under one hour.

The Growing Popularity of Car Loans
What is the biggest obsession of low or medium income class house holds? You will be surprised to know it is not the dream to own a huge house or a BMW. This income range is concerned only with buying things that are affordable so that they can continue to save money. This is why online car loans are perfect for most of the working population. You will be impressed to hear that a recent survey suggests much higher satisfaction rates among borrowers who have been approved for auto loans in Canada.

Quick Approvals
Thanks to the advance in technology, instant car loan approvals have gone from being a dream to now reality. The key to getting such a fast car loan approval is to use a leading online auto finance web site. These companies deal with hundreds of lenders fighting to compete for your business. You will receive multiple quotes very quickly to compare. This allows you to get the best car deal around.

Be Warned
In the case of gaining financing for your desired car, the car that you buy with the loan is used as the collateral. In the case you defer to pay the auto finance amount, the lender has authority to take over your car to pay off the borrowed amount. This is why you need to be careful regarding your monthly payments and be sure to get a payment you can afford.

Bad Credit is No Problem!
The biggest attraction of used an online car loan service is that you can get car financing no matter your credit situation. It does not matter if you have bad credit or a low credit score. You should set a limit to the amount you want to borrow so that it is easier for you to make the monthly payments. Do this so you do not go further into debt, pushing down your credit rating further down.

Hassle Free Auto Application
Online auto loan applications are both simple and easy. However, you should be sure to fill in the application carefully and double check your personal details before clicking on the submit button. Be sure to give all your correct information and you will be receiving an auto loan quote that is both quick, simple and hassle free.

You will be driving faster and for less when using a reputable auto finance company.

Sean Patrick works with Ontario Car Financing Loans. (, one of the country's top automotive financing web sites. First openning in 2000, they are Ontario's leading provider of car finance, used cars, articles and research.

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Car Insurance Rates: Factors Determining The Car Insurance Rates

Author: David Faulkner

Everyone must have Car insurance as the law states, and it's
necessary in case you ever have an . Car insurance can prevent
the need to pay loads of money to get your car fixed should you
ever have an . Nobody wants to get into an , but it's best to be
prepared in case the unthinkable happens. However, just because
you need car insurance doesn't mean that you must pay a lot of
money for it. That's why you should research as much as possible
to ensure you get the best deal. It may take a long time, as
there are many car insurance companies to choose from, but there
is always that one company that wants to offer you low rates car
insurance, you just have to find it.

Car Insurance Rates Depends on Various Factors:

Car Insurance Rates can appear to be very puzzling but once you
recognize what different rates there are it should not be too
hard. In addition to the primary rates, there are other types
you can add on to your policy, such as liability, medical
coverage, bodily injury, collision coverage, property or rental
coverage, just to name a few. However, for the most part there
are main types of car insurance rates that a person really
needs. In fact, it is a law to have car insurance rates
throughout most of the United States.

Depending on the kind of vehicle you have and the amount of
investment you have made into it will determine which kind of
car insurance rates is right for you. Once you've determined the
right main rates for you, you'll have an opportunity to look at
the different add on options your particular carrier may offer
their customers.

Car Insurance Rates: Connected With Several Pricing Factors

One additional thing to be considered in car insurance rates
for your need is the price of the policy. Some insurance
companies require a higher monthly premium for their policies
than other companies. In some cases, this higher premium cost is
offset by a lower deductible or more services added to the
coverage, but in other cases the higher price is just because
the company chooses to have a higher price.

Many consumers are loath to look for for the best car insurance
company rates and will go with the first policy they find that
fits their budget and covers their car. By reviewing the
information for several different companies before making your
choice, you have a greater chance of choosing the best car
insurance rates for your needs.

The underinsured motorist's coverage pays for anything the
other driver's car insurance may not cover because of having
minimum insurance coverage. Once you understand the basics of
the car insurance policy, it is easier to find the right auto
insurance coverage that will protect you from any potential
financial problems because of insufficient coverage. Always have
enough coverage even if the minimum required insurance for your
state is lower. This will protect you from any loss due to a
lawsuit for injury or from an .

About The Author: You can also find more info on on
insurance companies and on
rental car company. is a
comprehensive resource to get help about car insurance.

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Texas Car Insurance Requirements

In regards to car insurance requirements in Texas, you must
have a minimum of $15,000 to cover damages an accident causes
other property; $20,000 to cover any bodily injury or death of
one person per accident; and $40,000 to cover any bodily injury
or death of two or more persons per accident. You can meet the
Texas car insurance requirements by purchasing a policy from a
car insurance company licensed to do insurance business in
Texas, or you may want to post a self-bond – set aside enough
money to meet the car insurance requirements in Texas.

Self-bonding, or self-insuring, to meet the Texas car insurance
requirements does have its advantages. First, you do not have to
worry about whether or not it is going to be difficult to get
insurance – if you are providing it, it is already there! You
also do not have to concern yourself with premiums, making
payments on time, or renewal and cancellation in the matter of
being self-insured.

When you meet the Texas car insurance requirements with a
self-bond or self-insurance, you are also free to purchase
additional car insurance coverage from a traditional car
insurance company. By keeping your self-insurance stash in mind,
you can pick and choose what car insurance coverage you want to

Self-bonding, or self-insuring, is not actually the most
efficient way to meet the car insurance requirements in Texas,
but it is an option – an option that many people choose. The
most common reason people choose the option of self-bonding to
satisfy the Texas car insurance requirements is because they
feel they are uninsurable. A bad driving record, a flawed credit
report, and a sketchy history of making payments are all factors
Texans believe make them uninsurable; however, these are factors
that can and do improve in time, and the self-bonded individual
may want to switch to a traditional car insurance policy in
Texas once these factors have improved.

About The Author:

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A Look at Those Beautiful Old American Cars

By Morgan Hamilton

To be honest, I don’t like the fact that most cars of today look the same because I love stylish cars. In my opinion, every car should have an individual personality. The classic American cars certainly have this unique attributes. Pontiac, Cadillac, Chevrolet and the names of other classic cars conjure up an image of speeding down the freeways and neighborhoods.

However, people who are concerned with the environment do not patronize big, brash cars because they tend to be gas-guzzlers. For instance, a Hummer SUV gives a staggering nine miles to the gallon. Since I am also an environment minded person, American cars offer me a conflict of interest.

In the past, we were never too concerned about how many miles we were getting to the gallon. A few decades ago, the government didn't pile the tax on driving costs because fuel was cheap and there was no welfare state to support. However, the price of gas has steadily increased and more people are now concerned about the impact of American cars on the environment.

European cars, such as Saab and BMW, which are more economical to run, are now becoming more popular. However, some people still consider these cars as American cars because some of them are manufactured in the US. These cars represent a necessary lifestyle change, even if they may not be as much fun.

There are a few American cars that have entered the culture as icons. Some American cars have made a contribution to many movies and TV shows. For example, the cherry red Ford Gran Torino was like another character in the “Starsky and Hutch” series. This car is known affectionately as the striped tomato. It screeched around corners and skidded sideways as the two detectives chased after the bad guys.

Morgan Hamilton offers expert advice and great tips regarding all aspects concerning American Cars. Visit our site for more helpful information about Classic Vehicle Dvds and other similar topics.

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By Stipe Mamuza

Welcome to Everything About Cars.

Cars have been an obsession for human beings since their conception in the late 19th century. If cars had a heart, it would no doubt be the gasoline engine.

A controversy in the 21st century, the gasoline engine has nonetheless withstood the test of time and is still being employed today in most modern cars.

Many people, if their budget allows it, becoming collectors of cars. Throughout the years, thousands of models have made their entrance, had their moment of glory, and made their exit. Collecting vintage cars is a hobby only available to those who can afford it, however, as it is costly and requires a lot of garage space. The maintenance of cars is absolutely crucial to any collector; it should be of utmost importance that the cars be shiny, mechanically functional, and ready to be taken for any whimsical spin deemed necessary.

For many, however, cars are little more than a functional tool of locomotion. It is understandable then, that the controversy surrounding the gasoline engine has now reached critical proportions. Cars can be powered by new-age hybrid motors which rely on an electrical back-up system - only using gasoline combustion when absolutely necessary. These motors can help cars reduce their emissions of carbon monoxide.

There is a future for cars - one that remains stylish yet adapts to the modern world's needs. There would be nothing more luxurious than adapting classic cars to new, hybridized technologies. This is why the future for cars, car collectors, and environment-friendly functionalists is a bright one.

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If you simply go online and find one of those price comparison
websites for car insurance in West Virginia and you play around
with it for a while you will probably save some money each month
on your car insurance.

However, you might be able to save even more money by first
learning some of the steps you can take to reduce the cost of
your car insurance even before you get online.

For example, did you know that parking your car in a garage at
night can save you money?

Did you know that paying your premiums automatically each month
out of your checking account also saves you money?

Did you know that some insurance companies will give you a
break on the cost of your insurance if you buy and use a simple
steering wheel locking device?

Did you know that your car insurance agent may know of other
simple and inexpensive anti-theft devices that you can install
on your car that will save you money every single month?

Did you know that if you were to use public transportation as
much as possible and leave your car parked at home that you
might be able to save a considerable amount on your car
insurance? It's true. If you can reduce your monthly driving to
below 500 miles your insurance company may give you a
substantial Low Mileage Discount.

Did you know that if you join (or set up) a carpool at work
that you can save money every month on your car insurance? Part
of your monthly premium is based on the number of times you
drive back and forth to work in rush hour traffic every month.
If you can cut that number in half then you can save a nice
chunk of change on your insurance every month - plus you'll be
doing something good for the environment and saving wear and
tear on your car.

Did you know that paying for collision or comprehensive
insurance on an older car that no longer has any Kelly Blue Book
value is a total waste of your money?

Did you know that young drivers can save at least 5% a month on
their car insurance simply by staying in school and maintaining
at least a "B" grade average?

Did you know that you can save on car rental coverage if you
have a credit card that provides automatic coverage on rental

Did you know that if you have a health insurance plan you may
be able to reduce or even cancel the Personal Injury Protection
portion of your car insurance, saving you quite a bit of cash
each year?

Did you know that if you are married you can save money each
month by listing the wife as the primary driver and the husband
as the secondary driver on your car insurance policy?

Did you know that if you don't make small claims against your
insurance company that you can save money on your premium every
month? Most companies offer some sort of discount after six or
twelve claim-free months.

Did you know that some places of work and many clubs,
organizations and associations offer their members low-cost
group car insurance? If you don't belong to any group or club
that offers its members group car insurance ask friends and
family if any of them belong to such a group. Then join.

Did you know that increasing your deductible will drop your
cost of insurance overnight? Obviously you'll need to review
your financial situation before deciding on a deductible since
you don't want to agree to pay more if you file a claim that you
can actually afford.

And did you know that if you buy your car insurance online you
can save over buying your car insurance from most brick and
mortar locations? Don't get lazy, however, and only check out
one of the websites that permit you to compare the prices of car
insurance policies from a variety of different insurance
companies here in West Virginia.

If you really want to see prices from every insurance company
you are going to have to spend a little extra time and do your
comparisons on a minimum of 3 different comparison websites.
Also - and this is important - you need to use the information
you have gleaned from this article and fill out the form on all
3 websites EXACTLY the same.

This is the only way for you to compare the same policy across
all three websites and it is the best way to insure that you
will end up with the best possible price.

Once you have completed all of your comparisons then the rest
is a snap. Just choose the lowest-priced policy - and you're
done! This is how you become an expert and make certain that you
get cheap car insurance online in West Virginia and save money
for years to come.

About The Author: See our recommended site for cheap insurance

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Why You Should Use Car Insurance Brokers

The most important reason why you should use car insurance
brokers is that they are able to search the car insurance market
to find you the best car insurance at the lowest price, while
also giving you the peace of mind that the car insurance that
you acquire is the correct type of motor insurance to cover all
your possible needs.

A specialist insurance broker will know what type of cover is
the right car insurance to meet your needs. After you have
answered a few simple questions, such as age and value of your
car, the amount of security features that are installed, the
average mileage a year you drive and who owns and drives the car
for the majority of time etc, they will be able to see what is

You should note that in order to get the cheapest deal
possible, the more enhanced your security measures are on the
car, then the car insurance will be cheaper as it is less likely
that the car will be stolen when it is parked, as will if you
park the car on a drive or garage. Also, if you are the owner as
well as the driver then this will also help to bring the cost of
your car insurance down too.

Every year your car insurance broker can search for the best
motor insurance for you saving you a lot of wasted time and
effort, because while the car insurance you took out last year
was the best deal it might not be the best deal this year. You
should never just simply renew your car insurance without
talking to a car insurance broker first. If you do then you
could end up paying more money for your car insurance than you
have to.

Nobody likes to be taken for the fool and nobody likes to pay
more money than they have to insure their car and by using car
insurance brokers every year they can search for the best car
insurance at the cheapest price which ensures that you are not
throwing away your hard earned money, just simply getting the
right car insurance at the right price.

About The Author: David Thomson is Chief Executive of
BestDealInsurance ( an
independent specialist broker dedicated to providing their
clients with the best deal on their home, motor and life